1962 Triumph Bonneville

50 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV, USA


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Posted 73 days ago
  • Manufacturer:

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    1962 (1962)
  • Location:

    50 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Date Posted:

    03 October 2018
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Sellers Description

1962 Bonneville underwent a nearly year-long restoration to bring it to the trophied condition you see in the photos. In this year’s Battle of the Brits it placed third in the Masters class. For those unfamiliar, this is the last year for the pre-unit construction style engine and transmission; as well as, the last year (1960-1962) for the duplex style frame. The manual in the photos will be sold with the motorcycle and was one of the books used to restore it. The other books we used were an original shop manual and JR Nelson’s “Bonnie – The Development history of the Triumph Bonneville” For the restoration the motorcycle was torn completely apart. The motor was completely rebuilt; any bearings, chains, seals and other parts that needed to be replaced were, as well as all new gaskets and seals. The cylinder was bored 0.020” over and is making just about 150psi of compression at WOT. The cases cleaned, and the covers were cleaned, and polished, to a mirror finish. The magneto was fully rebuilt All of the parts on the bike that are black were powered coated, while all of the fasteners and certain brackets were replated. The gas tank and fenders were painted with the correct paints, supplied by Don Hutchinson. Every sticker that was on the bike from the factory has been replaced with new. All of the chrome pieces on the motorcycle were re-chromed. These are the original rims, which have the correct stampings, and the spokes were replated. The tires, tubes, and rim locks are the originals to the bike.
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