Yamaha R600cc 13S (As New, Only 6530 Miles)

Jarrow NE32, UK


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Posted 157 days ago
  • Manufacturer:

  • Registration Year:

    2009 (59)
  • Location:

    Jarrow NE32, UK
  • Date Posted:

    11 June 2018
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Sellers Description

PART EXCHANGE towards a nice low mileage car, £1000 Funds Available to add for the car.... OR A Good Low Mileage Car with a FSH and cash to me. Or Cash Deal I'm after a ;Low mileage loved Golf GTDI or a Audi S-line Diesel, BMW 3 Serious, I will consider any low mileage FSH mint car that has if like me, look after anything they own, hold no money to spare when it comes to making sure there car / bike etc is always in perfect condition otherwise I would just not use it until it was. Got to be the best, cheapest £5,750,most likely £6,250 cash id get for it with it being May (Summer Months). This lowest mileage R6s is in As New condition, super sport bike, being such low mileage, after doing lots of research, I can not find anywhere, a as new, immaculate bike, R6s Super Sport with such low mileage and condition. That has been anywhere near loved, had only the needed and sensible modification done to it, having a Full Service History with all services done by Yamaha while under its manufactures warranty, then only very motorcycle specialist garages that work on bikes only, do MOT,s and are very clued up when it comes to these bikes and appreciate the quality as well as my own personal expectations, so only the very best, regardless of costs all Oils, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Break fluid etc that must be always used. I have always after research only used the best parts etc that money can bye. I have only ever use Shell Super+ Petrol and never let the tank get low on petrol. You will not find a better Yamaha R6s in such a lovely red, white and some black with such low mileage & condition so you will be getting a bike that is brand new but at the fraction of the cost. This bike had one previous owner who put 3000 miles on the clock and owned from new with Yamaha's 3 yr standard warranty so its was always loved and looked after by Yamaha who did its first 600 miles full check, adjust & service, oil change etc. 'm sure i wont have any problem selling this R6 13S to someone who knows there bikes and what a bike, low mileage, best mods and love its always had. , so if want a bike that will look fter you, handles so well, has the very best tyres money can bye, being able to set up the suspension to your weight and height, has everything down to the clutch & front break lever adjustable to your size of hands, ive had everything fitted by myself, given everything careful consideration before hand so not to mess with the bikes superb set up, handling, weight and feel so its perfect but so easy to ride with its Fuel injection with YCC-T and YCC-I controlling it power delivery given you the best performance whist making sure the road / tyre traction on whatever service your riding on, always performs to its best. This is MotoGP Technology; all put into the new mobile R6s Super Sport Motorcycle which this is and has built into it, things like its Slipper Clutch etc ABOUT THIS BIKE REGARDING ITS CARE, MONEY SPENT and HOW MUCH IVE LOVED IT and do LOVE IT. I've have really loved this bike, I've loved owning it & being a Machine / Lathe / Milling old school Engineer, on top of the x4 times I've personally had it into my local bike specialist for a Full, every filter, every fluid changed, a full inspection like the chain correct, having the full suspension set up to my weight & height which is 12.5 stone, I have personally stripped things like chain covers etc to make sure it is greased, oiled, polished & wax polished & protected with the best care, clean and protect kit after research I could find. I've fitted a R&B small number plate (TailTidy) with the correct size LED indic tcators that look right being a medium size. on the back end, bought & fitted a Ohins Steering Damaper;, Full set of Crash Protectors, Carbon Tank Protectors which look really smart as well as fitted for a good reason. I have personally given it a Oil & Oil Filter change around every 500 miles with the best recommended oil, which I know is a bit over the top but I just loved keeping it in the best condition possible as I loved cleaning it. I have only done 3,200 miles in the 5 years I have owned it, it had NEVER seen water on the bike, I have always made sure it's been up in both its stands, has had soft microfibers sheets over it and a protective plastic bike cover after ever use even if it had only been out for a hours ride. category's for handling, stopping distance etc so I changed both of them. I fitted a Acutrac Tracker and a Acutrac Thatcham Approved Alarm taking it to a CAT A Alarm for insurance reasons as well as to make sure no light fingered person had a opportunity to take it. I also fitted Thatcham Approved Marking kit and marked it, registered all my details and the bikes on there website which I have all the Log-in details so easy to change for the new owner. It has both the Black Yamaha Keys & the Red Key for setting the immobilizer, like a Steering Damper but I have kept every original part so if anyone wanted to put things back to original, all the parts are there. The bike comes with a Colour Coded Single Seat, so with a jet, a very quick change you will have a completely save, single seated bike if you choice which is more money and time I had sorted having it colour coded and is always a nice little touch and again, not cheap all in. This is the best 600cc bike with a 2009 Limited Edition Colour Scheme which is really s stunning. I know this bike inside out so please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you
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